How Do I Get My Credit Report MLA

How Do I Get My Credit Report

To request for your credit report, you can visit any of the 57 SingPost branches for a copy of your credit file online. You can also retrieve your credit report from the Crimsonlogic Service Bureau or Credit Bureau of Singapore. Do note that the CBS credit report is chrageable at $6.42 (inclusive of GST). The […]

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What Is The Moneylenders Act

The Moneylenders Act is An Act for the regulation of moneylending, the designation and control of a credit bureau, the collection, use and disclosure of borrower information and data, and for connected matters. Short title and commencement 1.—(1) This Act may be cited as the Moneylenders Act. (2) Section 5(3)(b) shall come into operation on […]

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