Toa Payoh is one of the busiest and most convenient areas in Singapore, with the HDB building being one of its landmarks. With its 117 restaurants, 229 shops, and excellent public transit, Toa Payoh is a suitable neighbourhood for:

  • Couples with or without children
  • Retirees
  • Professionals

The first MRT station in Singapore was in Toa Payoh. Did you know that the yellow tiles in Toa Payoh mrt station were meant to make it easier for the elderly to differentiate them?

From this point, you only have a few more stations to reach the CBD, the bubby Orchard area, or the Newton interchange, where you can use the Downtown line. Toa Payoh is very near town!

These multiple public transit opportunities turn Toa Payoh into one of the most accessible neighbourhoods in Singapore, perfect for young professionals and families with children.

Toa Payoh is reasonably quiet – a dream-come-true for many families.

Although it boasts almost 120 restaurants, the district has 14 nightlife options. Besides, Toa Payoh is scattered with supermarkets, and it even has an impressive mall, eponymous to the neighbourhood. The slew of primary and secondary schools around is another advantage for families.

The district of Toa Payoh is a haven for various industries.

Some businesses include Armstrong Industrial, FJ Industrial, and Kian Tiong Lee Co. The famous Toa Payoh Industrial Park is also in the neighbourhood, with a monthly rate of $1,009 – $13,737.

On the downside, the properties are pricey.

The rent for a studio or 1-bedroom apartment is approximately $2100. This sum climbs to $3250 for a 3-bedroom flat and $4,500 for a 4-bedroom flat.

If you’re planning to purchase your apartment, know that a 2-bedroom costs around $1,270,000, while a 3-bedroom flat reaches $1,540,000.

For those who are in need of urgent financial help, Toa Payoh also has many licensed moneylenders nearby that can assist you!

#1. Lending Bee (Toa Payoh)

Lending Bee empowers you with the immediate financing that you need. Just like bees who are hardworking and have a strong sense of colony culture in terms of teamwork and trust, Lending Bee is constantly pushing boundaries.

Since 2005, the company has been committed to transforming and streamlining the way in which people access credit. They believe that access to credit should be kept fuss-free and attainable, therefore Lending Bee has helped thousands of Singaporeans build their credit, grow their business and achieve financial freedom.

Lending Bee was also honoured to receive the FinTech Licence from the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) in 2021 for making breakthroughs in the licensed moneylending industry. Their proprietary solution digitalises traditional methods while generating cost savings. Hence, borrowers were able to receive loans quicker and at lower rates. As one of the leaders in the industry, Lending Bee will continue to innovate and bring superior loan products for all.

Lending Bee offers a wide variety of loans and allows borrowers to receive their cash within a few hours! You can also submit your application form via SingPass to save time.


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#2. CreditMaster

Considered Singapore’s one of the most respected licensed moneylenders, CreditMaster is a licensed moneylending company recognized by the Ministry of Law, they succeeded in distinguishing themselves when it comes to customer satisfaction and advanced financial products.

CreditMaster has helped thousands of homeowners when it comes to accessing quick and reasonable loans without having to go through the defeats of traditional banks.


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#3. Horison Credit

Considered Singapore’s one of the highly reputable legally licensed moneylenders, Horison Credit offers personalized solutions to financing problems that ought to meet the needs of their clients.

It is considered common to come across financial difficulties where you do not have any source(s) from which you can seek quick cash, in situations like these Horison Credit offers quick and convenient solutions to your cash problems.

They are one of the top licensed moneylenders in Singapore so you can stay at ease when it comes to borrowing money from them as they follow all the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Law, especially when it comes to repayments and interest rates. They are your best option if you are in dire need of quick cash because of the rapid processing time, simple eligibility requirements, and the fact that they also provide debt consolidation. You can trust their services.


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#4. 1AP Capital

1AP Capital is in the business of issuing and approving personal, business, and educational loans along with renovations packages. The company is full of professionals who offer loans to modify according to the needs and requirements of their customers.

They have established loan packages that are suitable for foreigners, residents, and businesses. They have a team with years of combined experience which makes them one of the better licensed moneylenders in Singapore. With customer satisfaction as their utmost priority and their faith in service excellence, they will properly assist you in situations of emergency when fast and reliable access is required to a loan.


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#5. U Credit

You can find the most affordable interest rates in Singapore at U Credit; it is also something they are proud of and they can also be considered the most trusted licensed moneylender when it comes to unique loan requests.

You can rely on their loan officers to take you through the loan schedule to make sure you pick the finest rates that are based on your financial conditions. They always put the needs of their customers ahead when discussing the loan plans best suited for you based on your income and also offer you to go ahead and compare their rates with all the other available moneylenders before you make any decision.

U Credit has low-interest rates, custom-made repayment methods, the best customer services, and offers a fast loan application.


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#6. Credit Thirty3

Credit Thirty3 offers fast cash personal loan that is meant to fit any requirement, need, or budget. They are legal moneylenders, listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, and also registered with the Ministry of Law.

They attempt to give their clients the best interest rates for the loan with rates as low as 1%. They are known to keep the information of their clients safe and secure which is also something they take pride in, they achieve this by following the best security measures with each and every client so that they can keep their identities private and safe.


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#7. BST Credit

The name BST stands for Begin with Service & Trust. They are a licensed money lender in Singapore known for offering easy and fast access to loans to citizens: permanent residents of Singapore along with foreigners working in Singapore.

With the understanding that most of the people are facing financial problems and are in the need to access funds quickly to solve their immediate issues, so they consider it their mission to offer help to those people.

You can apply for a loan with them without any hesitation as they have affiliated their actions with the necessities of the Moneylenders Act and Rules, and they are also regulated by the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore.


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#8. GS Credit

With the best reviews from many happy customers, GS Credit is one of the best licensed moneylenders in Singapore. They have a unique selling scheme where their experts help financially challenged customers in times of emergencies.

This thing can also be noticed in their loan packages which include low-interest personal loans, bridging loans, payday loans, and foreign loans. The paperwork for these financial products is quick, granting they provide sensible principal sums.

But if you are in a need of more extensive amount, you can check out their range of secured loans. Low-interest rates and tenures are suitable for monthly installments so that they won’t shake your budget.


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