The Moneylenders Loan Academy (MLA) was established in 2019 with the aim of educating individuals about the licensed moneylending landscape.

We wish to reduce the stigma surrounding licensed moneylenders by informing individuals that licensed moneylenders are a viable alternative avenue of financial help, and not to be seen as a last resort.

About Moneylenders Loan Academy (MLA) of Singapore

Although young, Moneylenders Loan Academy has an experienced team committed to providing the latest and most accurate information about the moneylending scene to all readers.

We break down difficult terms and laws and make them an easier read.

With a library of resources dedicated to inform individuals about licensed moneylenders, we provide them with information such as:

  • Detailed news and blog articles covering the latest moneylending schemes
  • Helpful tips to get out of debt and to improve one’s credit score
  • Thorough evaluation and explanation on loans for all to make careful financial decisions
  • Complete list of licensed money lenders in Singapore
  • Identifying loan scams and key notes to check so that no one else will unfortunately lose their funds
  • Explanations on the loan process, especially helpful for first time loan takers
  • Break down of loan and financial terms into easy-to-understand articles
  • Bonus tips for readers who wish to level-up their finances

Through our platform, we hope that you will achieve more at every stage of your personal and business life.

Suggestions? Curious about other topics not mentioned? Feel free to send your feedback to [email protected] or get in touch with us here. We are happy to listen.